Patricia B., age 59 - from Las Vegas, NV

Working with Lynda was one of my best decisions. With requiring a total knee replacement, Lynda planned a training plan for both pre-op and post-op that guaranteed a great outcome. I even lost 20 pounds while training!  Lynda encouraged me, motivated me, and inspired me. Because of Lynda's generous spirit, I know that I have the ability and strength for a healthy life. Thank you Lynda!

Tiffany H., age 31 - from Las Vegas, NV

"Lynda puts a lot of time and thought into making each workout challenging and different. I never get bored! Actually I look forward to each workout because it makes me take the time to do something healthy for myself. My custom workout program challenges me to push myself a little farther and a little harder each time." I'm amazed at how active I can be during pregnancy! As all mothers, I want to shed the baby weight and Lynda has developed different routines that are easy to do and fun as well! I've been working with Lynda for 2 months now and the difference is amazing. She has transformed not only my physical appearance but she has also helped me to develop a new outlook on my life. I consider her not only my trainer but a friend. I will definitely keep trining with her after the baby arrives and really look forward to it! I know she will be able to whip me back into shape!" 

Matt C., age 23 - from Las Vegas, NV

"I enjoy motor cross racing and I hired Lynda to increase my endurance and strength during the race. Lynda's enthusiasm and positive attitude keeps me motivated and engaged. She tailors workouts to my personal needs-always changing up routines to keep things interesting and challenging. I'm thrilled with the results thus far and I consistently look forward to our sessions. Lynda has exposed me to new workout routines and exercises that have increased my knowledge in an area I thought was dull and boring in the past.I’ve never had next-day achiness or soreness in training with Lynda even though the workouts are tough enough to make me sweat a TON each session! Lynda pushes me to my limits and then beyond. I have gain an incredible amount of knowledge about training smart and eating healthy and would recommend Lynda's Personal Training expertise to anyone!"

Claire H., age 68 - from Las Vegas, NV

"I am very happy to be training with Lynda at the YMCA in Las Vegas, Nevada since November, 2013. Lynda is more than a Personal Trainer-she is my Coach and Motivator! She inspires me to succeed in my objective to build strength and increase endurance-her positive attitude makes me believe I can do it! My workouts are different every time so I never get bored! Lynda puts safety first which is very important to me because I had neck surgery in the past. She designed my workout to not only fit my goals, she programmed the reps, sets, and rest periods at a pace that fits my own abilities. Lynda has a warm personality and she helps me enjoy exercising so if I miss a day I can't wait to get back! I highly recommend setting up a initial consultation with Lynda to see what she can do for you!"

Thomas G., age 82 - from Las Vegas, NV

"My name is Thomas, I am 82 years young, and have had the pleasure training with Lynda at the YMCA in Las Vegas, Nevada since May, 2013. Lynda has been very successful in helping me reach my goals of maintaining strength & flexibility, and adding cardio activity to keep me heart healthy! Lynda has helped me learned the value of daily exercise and has also made working out encouraging and fun! Not only has she created a personalized routine for me, but her encouragement, praise, and humor create an atmosphere that motivates me to push myself. I am also motivated to workout because I know Lynda truly cares about me and suports me by always putting my goals first! Lynda is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone!"